Christopher Granier-Deferre

Jamie Parker
Pierre Perrier
Kristy Oswald


Running Time:

On a ferry boat bound for France, TRISH STALLWORTH, a 17-year old school girl is on her way to spend a long planned weekend away with her lover and history teacher MIKE MALLORY, 34 years old, yet still boyishly handsome. After a short drive, the couple arrive at a small idyllic country house. Taking a tour round the house, the romantic setting is suddenly shattered as the couple discover broken glass and muddy footprints. MIKE and TRISH search the house for the intruder and finally find VINCENT, inside the bathroom. He lies deathly still, eyes closed and has blood caked all over his forehead with an oversized duffle bag filled with cash by his side.Mike and Trish don’t know what to do, Trish wants to do the right thing, but Mike convinces Trish they should stash the money and destroy the bag it came in. Meanwhile Vincent wakes up – not dead after all, but wishes he was, until he remembers the money. Creeping, and in immense pain, Vincent makes it to a window. Outside he sees two shapes digging. Not good. It’s going to be a lot tougher getting home than he ever thought possible…

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